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News from Da Lat where the coffee producers are thriving

Last year I first visited Da Lat to meet some coffee producers and make a farm trip to learn more about coffee processing, in general and Vietnamese Arabica coffee, in particular. After exactly one year, in December 2018 I returned to Da Lat to meet them again, but to see new producers as well and check the development of the coffee producing scene in the area.


La Viet, Dalat – the changing of Vietnamese Arabica coffee’s perception

As I was writing before, Da Lat is the main region where Arabica beans are cultivated in Vietnam and the place where a few processors are working to change the perception over the quality of the Vietnamese coffee, especially the Arabica beans. We’ve met La Viet, another key major player in the improvement of the Vietnamese (more…)

The Married Beans – coffee farm trip in Da Lat, Vietnam

Đà Lạt is the capital of Lâm Đồng Province in Vietnam and it’s located in the southern parts of Central Highlands region. It’s a popular tourist destination and because of its temperate climate it got the name of the “City of Eternal Spring” during the French colonial period, with pleasantly warm temperature during the day and quite cool ones at night. Coffee production in Vietnam is concentrated in a proportion of 80% in Central Highlands. As I was writing before, 97% of the Vietnamese coffee production


The artisans of the coffee cups

The fact that Romania is becoming one of the world class specialty coffee country is already known. If you don’t know this yet, an easy online research of the specialty cafes will show you what we mean. To a country of 20 mil people, there are already over 100 entities (specialty coffee shops or roasteries) operating on the market. Not to mention that Romania gave the 2016 world roasting champion. We urge you to make a trip to Bucharest or Cluj Napoca and check the vibrant specialty coffee market. Its evolution (more…)