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Cup tasting @Hungry Bird coffee shop in Canggu, Bali

Canggu is a coastal village in the southern part of Bali, known for its challenging surfing spots. It is popular with expats that choose to live here. Along with the popularity of expats and tourists, Canggu offers a big variety of restaurants, pubs and cafes.

While we volunteered in a hostel here, I started researching the specialty coffee scene in Canggu and the only place that attracted me was Hungry Bird coffee shop and roastery


4 coffee shops to visit in Kuala Lumpur

I am not a fan of big cities, but Kuala Lumpur is for sure the one that I could fall in love with. It is multicultural and combines modernity with tradition in a unique way: skyscrapers, mega sized shopping malls and parks on one way, temples, mosques, night bazars and street food on the other. In such an environment, specialty coffee scene was a must. And for sure, Kuala Lumpur is very developed in this segment, from highly professional roasters (more…)

4 specialty coffee shops not to miss while you’re in Ubud, Bali

During our stay on Bali’s island, we spent a week in the beautiful Ubud, a city full of culture, home of yoga and Balinese massage, good restaurants and streets with plenty of shops where you can find goods coming from local artisans. Having so many beautiful things around, Ubud doesn’t lack good specialty coffee shops either. In fact, there are a


3 specialty coffee shops not to miss while you are in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Yogyakarta (pronounced Jogjakarta and called Yogya or Jogja) is the soul of Java. This city still holds to its traditions, its art and the Javanese language is still at its purest. No wonder Yogya is the most beautiful and lovable city of Indonesia.

In terms of specialty coffee shops, Yogya has a variety of offers. I will present below three of my favourite places in this beautiful city, which you don’t have to miss if you are a coffee geek. (more…)

Coffee (Indonesian-kopi): the dark side vs. the good side

We reached the beautiful island of Bali, which, besides its natural beauty, it is also a good region for coffee and its beans are said to be sweet, with nut and citrus notes. We accommodate ourselves in Ubud, which is a city full of culture, but also the home of good restaurants, streets with plenty of shops where you can find goods coming from the (more…)