The artisans of the coffee cups

The fact that Romania is becoming one of the world class specialty coffee country is already known. If you don’t know this yet, an easy online research of the specialty cafes will show you what we mean. To a country of 20 mil people, there are already over 100 entities (specialty coffee shops or roasteries) operating on the market. Not to mention that Romania gave the 2016 world roasting champion. We urge you to make a trip to Bucharest or Cluj Napoca and check the vibrant specialty coffee market. Its evolution is incredible and there are new good quality coffee shops popping out with regularity.

Such development in this field brings along the “independent artisans”: baristas, roasters, independent farmers who produce special milk for coffee and, what we want to talk about in this article, a cups producer that adapted to this fast developing industry.


Logocups, as its name is saying, produces personalised cups in Cluj Napoca, Romania. Nothing new so far, the market is full of these kind of producers, importers and distributors of cups. What we love about them is that they are the artisans of the cups, because everything is handmade in Logocups.


Andrei Garba, the owner of Logocups has a strong connection with ceramic industry. He is working as a ceramist since he was 14 years old, learning everything in his father’s glassware, a family business started after the ceramic industry in Cluj Napoca collapsed. A few years ago, Andrei moved its attention towards the coffee scene, seeing it as a niche that could be explored. He started offering to local coffee shops personalised cups made through serigraphy method. The cups were coming in white colour from porcelain producers and all that Andrei did was adding a logo and a colour and then conferring thermal stability through oven baking at high temperatures. The issue with this business model was that he was limited to the cups that his producers were offering.

Andrei’s vision went far more beyond this and he wanted to develop interesting products that would attract his customers. Combine his vision and a few small requests from some customers about specific shapes of cups, and you have the moment when he decides to produce his own cups. They collaborate with other experts who create the plaster moulds and this gives them freedom to develop any specific shape of cup that the customer requests (and the requests are a lot).


The glazing of the cups is the process in which Logocups invested the most. There were lots of researches done until Andrei got to the perfect recipe, which is of high quality and of course, secret. They already bought a new oven and a new glazing station with air flow and water curtain which will avoid any defects in the process.




All the process is manually done and that’s where the artisan’s skills make their way: the porcelain is hand poured into the plaster moulds, the handles are manually cut, etc.



know how Narcoffee cups (2)_892x768


The new thing that they bring on the market is the personalisation of the logo through embossing. They will produce a small mould with the logo and while the cups are still not fully dried, the logo will be manually embossed on it. Because each coffee shop wants to communicate its brand through personalisation, this process brought him a lot of success. He is already expanding, with requests from UK, Greece and Germany.

know how Narcoffee cups_892x768



There is a madness of colours, from basic to pastel and to own created colours which are out of the standard palette. Do you want a blue cup with green interior? Do you want it with a handle or without one? Do you want your logo embossed or just printed? Do you want a specific shape of the cup? Do you want a glossy or a matte colour? Logocups can make all of these for you.  Oh, and the saucers were standardized to fit any of the cup, so the matching will not be a headache anymore.



His cups are found in many coffee shops in Romania, there are shops which developed their own cup with Logocups and a few design elements have been patented, like: colour, texture, handle’s shape, etc.

Logocups only does direct business with its final customers, there is no intermediary. The growing of the business will be organic because Andrei intends to manufacture the cups only in the craft way and he wants to keep the quality at high standards. That’s the reason why there are customers waiting in line to get their products. So, hurry up!


You can find Logocups here:

10 Orastiei Str., Warehouse D2, 400398 Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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