4 specialty coffee shops not to miss while you’re in Ubud, Bali

During our stay on Bali’s island, we spent a week in the beautiful Ubud, a city full of culture, home of yoga and Balinese massage, good restaurants and streets with plenty of shops where you can find goods coming from local artisans. Having so many beautiful things around, Ubud doesn’t lack good specialty coffee shops either. In fact, there are a

few of them who are at a high level of professionalism and quality.

Before I present you 4 of the coffee shops which I visited, I would like to point out that in Ubud, most of the coffee shops promote kopi luwak. I guess that the high margins obtained from a sold cup of kopi luwak is the main reason of doing it. Because of ethical reasons, we definitely say NO to kopi luwak and we encourage everyone to do the same. But you can read more about it in my post “Coffee (Indonesian-kopi): the dark side vs. the good side”.


By far my favourite specialty coffee shop in Ubud! It is a lovely space with an open view to the street, the bar counter laying between the indoor tables and the terrace. The place is nice decorated with regular or high chairs, there is also a relaxing spot with pillows and on the terrace you can find some interesting seats made of metallic barrel.


The walls are decorated with drawings containing information of coffee from Indoesia’s regions.

Baristas are highly trained, they are extremely friendly and communicative. After a small chat about coffee, they invited me behind the counter to prepare coffee on Aeropress. The following day I made an espresso and a cappuccino. It was a nice feeling being behind the bar, playing with coffee (treating it right!) and some customers watching me and smiling. I thought to myself that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to be a barista in Bali. Hmm, it is a thought worth considering!

They mainly supply Indonesian beans: Flores, Sulawesi, Java, Sumatra, Papua and they roast on a Buhler roaster at their coffee shop based in Kuta. They also have other 4 coffee shops in Jakarta. They are very well equipped with a Synesso espresso machine, a Mazzer grinder for espresso and a Mahlkonig grinder for brew.


I felt in love with this place and I truly recommend you to go there if you will ever be in Ubud.

Adress: Jalan Raya Ubud No. 88 Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia


Seniman is a high end specialty coffee shop, a hipstery location with a nice and long bar, excellent coffees and very good trained baristas. The seats are balancing, making them very comfortable.


Close to the coffee shop they have a separate place where they make workshops and across the street you will find their cold brew bar and roastery.

They supply mainly Indonesian beans, they buy the beans from different plantations and they process them by themselves. They even teach local farmers how to correctly process the beans, because this will result in a high quality product. Seniman also exports their beans to Taiwan and Japan.

The coffee is served on a wooden plate, with a glass of water and a home baked cashew cookie.


There is a wide range of brewing methods and you can choose between different roasting profiles: medium-dark roast or light roast. The baristas will you guide you if you don’t know what to choose and they will tell you which flavours you will find in each origin and roast type.

Their equipment is top: La Marzocco espresso machine; Victoria Arduino grinder for their home blend, containing a mix of Balinese types; Mahlkonig grinder for brewing; Mazzer grinder for single origin espresso (in case someone asks to have one).

Seniman is an excellent coffee shop and roastery, with a great philosophy of supporting local coffee producers and offering a wide range of high quality products, but be ready to pay for this experience, as prices are not small, they are rather close to Western European prices.

Adress: Jl. Sriwedari No. 5, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali – Indonesia

  1. F.R.E.A.K.

The name stands for Fresh Roasted Enak Arabika from Kintamani, where “enak” means delicious in Balinese.


Kintamani is a region close to Ubud, popular for coffee plantations and from where they supply their beans. It’s a small coffee shop with a few seats, close to the main street of Ubud. They roast their beans on a small coffee roaster (I couldn’t get much information from the barista girl). They only sell espresso and espresso based drinks, no fancy brewing here. The coffee was dark roasted and the taste was earthy and bitter. Not my type.


All in one, it is a nice and quiet place, where you can work on your laptop without being disturbed by the noisy traffic from main street.

Adress: Jalan Hanoman No. 19  Ubud, Bali, Indonesia


Juria coffee is a very rare Typica variety, a true Arabica. As the owner, Mr Ryuichi Hirakawa told me, most of Arabica trees are hybrid now and Juria remains one of the last ones standing as true Arabica. It is a resurrected coffee tree which was hidden in the middle of the Manggarai mountain for over sixty years. To have an idea, total production of this type of coffee is between 5-7 t per year, so it is difficult to procure it. Mr Hirakawa was involved in the cooperative that was helping the farmers in Flores area, so he has direct access to the coffee. He is also the roaster, having a small roasting machine of 1 kg batch.


The coffee it’s nothing like I ever tasted before, its flavour is nutty and sweet, with strong body and a long lasting, delicious aftertaste.

Juria house is a very small place, with only a few seats available, where you will have to take your shoes off (it is a common practice that I saw in some places in Indonesia and Thailand). They don’t have an espresso machine, but only a small grinder and they make pour over coffee. That’s it! You can also buy beans for home and even a small manual grinder if you wish to grind your beans fresh (which is recommended to do right before you prepare your coffee).


Juria is nothing fancy, it’s about a man’s passion and attempt to get back to life an almost perished type of coffee. Give it a chance if you go in Ubud, go have a lovely cup of coffee and meet Mr Hirakawa for a chat.

Adress: Jalan Sugriwa No. 3  Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

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  1. Thank you for your nice introduction on Juria House cafe.
    I feel so honored to be one of the coffee places in Ubud of your choice.
    We could have more chat on coffee and I miss you.
    Please come by again whenever you visit Ubud!
    We can go together to Manggarai,Flores to meet Juria trees!

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