3 specialty coffee shops not to miss while you are in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Yogyakarta (pronounced Jogjakarta and called Yogya or Jogja) is the soul of Java. This city still holds to its traditions, its art and the Javanese language is still at its purest. No wonder Yogya is the most beautiful and lovable city of Indonesia.

In terms of specialty coffee shops, Yogya has a variety of offers. I will present below three of my favourite places in this beautiful city, which you don’t have to miss if you are a coffee geek.


Probably one of the most beautiful coffee shops I visited so far in South East Asia, Epic Coffee features an industrial design, very cozy in combination with the vintage furniture: from simple wooden chairs and tables to comfortable armchairs, ingeniously upholstered with coffee bags. This makes Epic Coffee the perfect place for hanging out and escape the busy streets of the city. Epic has a generous terrace, very nice arranged in their garden, with really beautiful pieces of furniture.

They roast their own coffee and they dedicated for this a special place in their backyard, where a glass walls building holds their beautiful Probat roasting machine.


When it comes to coffee selection, they have a wide offer of specialty single origin coffees, plus their four blends (Gunbarrel, Scarlet, Metis, Mozaic). The coffee shop has top equipment (La Marzocco Strada EP3, 4 Mazzer grinders – one for each blend they offer, a Ditting grinder for brewing and single origin espressos. The baristas are truly dedicated, well prepared and mostly helpful and communicative.

I truly enjoyed an espresso, a cappuccino and a V60 pour over. You can buy coffee beans or grinded coffee to take home. You definitely don’t have to miss this place and taste their perfect coffees when you are in Yogya.

Adress: Jl. Palagan Tentara Pelajar Km 7,5 No.29 Sleman Yogyakarta


This is one of the most innovative specialty  coffee shops I have visited so far. The name of the coffee shop means “brewing space” and it was chosen because this is exactly what it represents: a place where you can prepare the coffee yourself. It is an educational project and the idea behind this is to teach the customers, both in theory and practice, how to correctly prepare and consume a coffee.


The owner of the coffee shop is a member in the jury of the international barista championship and you can find him on Instagram as Kulikopi. The place is modernly furnished with predominant white color.


The espresso machine and the brewing space are very nice positioned in the middle of the first room, inviting you to try them. If you choose so, the barista will give you indication on how to prepare your coffee, be it on espresso machine or brewing method.


They have a good selection of coffees, featuring single origins as Wanoja, Ethiopia and Papua, but also their own blend, which at the time of my visit was a mix of Sumatra, Java and Ethiopia.


Because the invitation to prepare myself the coffee was an offer I couldn’t resist, I made an espresso, a cappuccino and a Walkure pour-over.

This place is absolutely amazing, and their idea to educate people in regards of coffee and let them apply in practice what they learned in theory is noble. Ruang Seduh is a must visit if you want to drink a great coffee and especially of you want to learn how to make it properly.

Adress: Jl Tirtodipuran 46, YK, Yogyakarta


A small coffee shop, nice decorated, with a nice terrace facing the street.

Young and hipster style baristas, very friendly and very well trained will wait you in the coffee shop. They usually have their own blend for espresso and a few single origins for brew. I tried the espresso and a strong smell of almonds hit my nose from the cup. It was absolutely amazing. The cappuccino and the V60 were at the same level.

Lagani is a place worth paying a visit if you want to drink an amazing cup of coffee in a nice, hipster atmosphere.

Adress: Jl. Cendrawasih No.4, Yogyakarta

Now you know where you can find great coffee in Yogyakarta. If you are in Indonesia, pay a visit to this beautiful city, enjoy its surroundings and drink a few excellent coffees.

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